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About 3Dchat

3Dchat is a comprehensive social networking environment geared towards a mature audience. This environment includes a social network, a complete virtual 3D world, and more features to come, such as an online dating site, online university, virtual shopping and a consolidated chat client.

In 3Dchat, you can interact in a virtual world that closely resembles your preferred real world social environments, which will include activities like meeting friends in a well-known restaurant, playing games in the arcade, and dancing in the nightclub, all while interacting with and meeting other players. However, before you jump in and explore, you'll need to know the basics of our 3D Virtual World. This help section will provide you with all you need to know to get around in 3Dchat! Have fun!



The 3Dchat Installer will only copy on to your computer the base files and code needed to start the game. If it's your first time installing 3Dchat, you'll do a very large update to install all the game art and code. This currently represents about 1.5 GB of data, so choose an installation path that has enough free space.

Also, some versions of Windows and some setups can have security limitations that would prevent 3Dchat from connecting to the web. It is recommended that you install the game from an administrative account.

Lastly, there is a codec file that is temporarily offline. This comes from 3rd party software and is used to display videos in the virtual world. The important part of the codec (Play FLV) is present and installed. The missing part (DD Show) isn't important and if the installation gives you a missing file error at the very end, don't worry, you can simply close it.



The Lobby is the first window you'll see when launching 3Dchat. From here you can log into your account, validate you have the latest version, and download the most recent updates if applicable before you can enter the game. The first time you'll start the Lobby, you'll see an image like this:


The top part of the Lobby shows messages from the system managers about upcoming events, updates, and any other things of interest for players. The bottom part is divided in two, the login credentials on the left and the game's status on the right.

Login credentials

Enter the user name and password you used to register on the website. Before clicking on "Login" (or pressing "enter"), you can check the "Remember password" box, and your username will be saved locally (but encrypted for your protection). This will speed up the sign in process next time you want to log into 3Dchat.

Game Status

Lobby lights

The top light needs to be green for you to log into the game. It indicates the state of the game servers. If a maintenance is in progress, this is where it will be visible. If the light is green, then you may enter your username and password in the left boxes and click Login.

Lobby new version

Every time a new update is available, such as the first time you'll play the game, you will see the window displayed above pop up. Click on Update Now to begin downloading the latest version of the game.

These updates are separated into packages, so if any package becomes corrupted during transfer, it won't impact the other packages, so you won't have to reinstall everything. If a package is unsuccessfully installed, the game will indicate again that there is a newer version available, and will resume updating the missing packages.

Lobby picture


Avatar Appearance

The first time you log on to your new account you'll be shown your avatar appearance screen. This is where you customize the look of your avatar. There are two layers of control to achieve this, Basic templates and Advanced.

From the General view, you can customize your character based on pre-determined templates. The top-most category, "General Template", modifies everything at once, so it's a good way to start with a general "base" that you can then modify according to your liking. You can simply click on the left and right arrows on the left menu to change entire areas of your body.

The arrows and magnifying glass controls allow you to move the camera up and down, zoom in and out and rotate your character to see it from any angle.

Character creation Advanced

In Advanced mode, you have control over individual and detailed elements of your body. There are dozens of control points to tweak and customize your character to your liking. Just find the category you want to modify and move the slider to achieve the desired effect.

Once you are satisfied with the way your avatar looks, press the "Save" button to finish customizing your character and start the game.


Customizing appearance during gameplay

If you decide you want to change your appearance after the creation of your avatar is completed, you can head over to the Hotel Lobby to access the various customization shops

To change your hair and add tattoos, go to the Tattoo Shop and sit on any available chair.

To change your hair style and color, head over to the Hair and Beauty shop and sit on any available chair in the hair salon in the left side of the shop.

To change your body shape, go to the Hair and Beauty shop and lie down on an available surgery chair in the plastic surgery shop on the right side.

To change your clothing, walk to the 3Dchat Clothing Store and click on the clothes racks to start browsing the selection of clothing and accessories available for purchase.

Using the stores

To buy an item from a store, first select an item category to display the items available for purchase in that category.

Shop categories

Then, select any of the icons listed to view that item on your avatar.

Shop items

You can zoom in and out, move up and down and rotate your avatar to get a better view of the item being purchased by using the camera controls.

Shop camera controls

Some items may allow you to customize their color(s). Those items are identified by a rainbow circle in the corner of their icon.

Shop customizable items

To change a customizable item's color(s), click on it to see it on your avatar and display the color selection window.

Shop custom color window

Then, use the color wheel, the color saturation slider and the brightness slider in order to pick the desired color(s). To toggle between the customizable colors (if applicable), click on the color you wish to change first, then select the desired color.

Shop color selector

Once you have made your mind on your purchase, click on the green Purchase button at the bottom of the shop window. Make sure you have enough money to afford it!

Shop purchase



To move your character in the game, use the standard W, A, S and D keys, or the arrow keys. To run, hold the Shift key while moving. To jump, press the Spacebar.



To look around the world, hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse in the direction you wish to move the camera. To restore the camera's position to behind your avatar, press the CTRL key.